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last update 4-9

Vee Corporation will hold Equity auditions for replacements for Sesame Street Live, a national tour. Prod. Tim Waters. Nine-month tours run in US and Canada.

Costume characters: males and females, 18+, versatile, strong technical ability in jazz and Broadway musical dance styles, 5'0"-6'1", gymnastics and/or tap a plus;
Live performers: males and females, 18+, must be able to sing, act, move well.

Bring pix & resume. Wear dance attire. Costume characters will learn a dance combo. Live performers prepare two songs, 16 bars each of a ballad and uptempo, a cappella or tape backup. Dance combo will be taught.

Equity auditions will be held Thurs., Apr., 26, 1 p.m. at Screenland Studios I, Studio B, 3800 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank. For information call (612) 375-9670, ext. 704 or access EQUITY SPECIAL AGREEMENT to TYA CONTRACT (salary/per dier $596, rehearsal/per diem $393).

Peter Wells (prod.) is accepting submissions for Boy on the Beach, a musical. Dir. Sandra Hawthorne. Rehearsals start July 10. Performances run Aug. 24-Sept. 1 at the Mendocino Village Theatre. There is pay.

Male: 25-30,tenor, dark skin, straight black hair, from India, charismatic, romantic lead;
Male: 20-25, younger brother, dark skin, straight black hair, from India.

Send pix & resume by Apr. 20 to P.O. Box 185, Mendocino, CA 95460. NON-UNION.

Casting West Film and TV April 09, 2001

Steve Bingen (prod./dir.) is accepting submissions for Jamboree, a digital thriller set in L.A. with comic overtones. Shoot starts Apr. Copy and credit provided. There is no pay.

Steven: Scottish, 20s, strapping, exuberant;
Joan: 40s, blonde, insecure, Hollywood agent;
Amanda: 20s, beautiful, childlike, adult-film actress; Diana: 20s, ambitious, attractive, businesswoman;
Marvin: 40s, always sweating;
Lana: elderly, youthful-looking from distance;
John: 20s, decent, troubled student.

Send pix & resume by Apr. 13 to MF Productions, P.O. Box 691915, W. Hollywood, CA 90069. NON-UNION.

Scott Buchanan (prod.) is seeking a director, musical director, and choreographer for a youth summer musical. Rehearsals start June 4. Performances run July 20-28 at Young Artists Ensemble. There is pay.

Send resume and letter with three references by Apr. 13 to scott@yaeonline  or fax to (805) 375-1977. For information call (805) 381-2748 or access .

William Wilday (prod.) is seeking a director for Cat On a Hot Tin Roof. Rehearsals start July 29. Performances run Sept. 7-Oct. 6 at the Morgan-Wixson Theatre. There is no pay.

Send resume by Apr. 23 to Morgan-Wixson Theatre, 2627 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405. For information call (310) 828-7519.

Jerry Jones (dir.) is accepting submissions for Lord, I Knew He Was a Dog When He Barked in His Sleep, a religious-themed play. Rehearsals start Apr. 14. Performances run Aug. 3-5 at the Redondo Union Theatre. There is some pay.

Male: African-American, 30-50, smooth-talker, LEAD;
Female: African-American, 25-35, strong gospel singer, LEAD;
Male: African-American, 45-60, bounty hunter, sings light blues;
Female: African-American, 35-60, bar owner, sings blues and gospel;
Male: Latino or African-American, 18-25, comedy type, small-time player;
Male: African-American, 45-60, preacher;
Four females: 20-30, any ethnicity, pretty, must dance hip-hop;
Male: African-American, age open, gay dancer;
Three females: any ethnicity, church sisters, sing gospel, very funny.

Send pix & resume to Jerry Jones, 1421 Hi-Point St., L.A., CA 90035. For information call (323) 937-9726. NON-UNION.

Nick Arnzen (dir.) will hold auditions for Party, a gay comedy. Rehearsals start Apr. 18. Performances run May 17-June 30 at the Quentin Crisp Theatre. There is some pay.

Kevin: late 20s-30s, attractive, not overly gorgeous or gym perfect;
Phillip: late 20s-30s, owns travel agency, attractive, easygoing, naturally masculine;
James: late 20s-40, into leather, butch, attractive, little too serious, needs to lighten up;
Andy: 21-22, college student, very cute, somewhat naive, inexperienced;
Peter: 22, very attractive, great smile, student, aspiring actor.

Note: All roles require nudity.

Prepare a contemporary comedic monologue.

Auditions will be held by appt. only Sun., Apr. 8, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Complex, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood; Mon., Apr. 16 and Tues., Apr. 17 in San Diego. For information and/or to schedule an audition appt. call (619) 688-9210. NON-UNION.

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