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Now playing at the Knightsbridge Theater LA

Monsters, Romance and Hollywood in 1939

World premiere adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan's


Directed by Gabrielle DeCuir

The highly acclaimed Knightsbridge theatre is please to present this highly entertaining musical comedy classic set in the golden film era of Hollywood in 1939.  A local wanna-be-pproducer has taken control of a production of Ruddygore  and soon finds out that being a Hollywood mogul with all the glitter of tinseltown is not all it's cracked up to be!  The hilarious antics that fallow are sure to delight young and old alike.

Ruddygore takes place in a village in which none of the girls stands a chance of marriage because all of the village lads love Rose Maybud but are too shy to court her.  Robin Oakapple also loves Rose, but due to a curse must become the wicked Baron of Ruddygore and commit one evil crime a dye or die in agony.

Look forward to lots of fun, laughter and song in this very entertaining evening.  Also look forward to the ancestor portrait scene in which all of your favorite monsters come to life using the same makeup process as in the "Grinch who Stole Christmas."

Gabrielle DeCuir has been a member of the Knightsbridge Theater for over five years.  Earlier this year, she directed the critic's pick "Glengarry Glen Ross" at the Pasadena location.  And before that, "Boy Meets Girl" and "Death Takes a Holiday".  Gabrielle DeCuir is also an audio book producer and Grammy Award Nominee.

So what are you waiting for go see "Ruddygore" and have a good time.  Next month in 3dGraphicFX we will show you how the makeup was done in this production.  Ruddygore plays from November 25th through January 14th.


Friday at 8:00
Saturday at 5:00
Sunday at 2:00

The Knightsbridge Theatre
Reservations  (626) 440-0821

1944 Riverside Dr.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90039

Pasadena version
35 S. Raymond
Pas. Ca. 91104



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